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Jovy Systems Products is a new SMD / BGA Rework Station manufacturer in the international market. Jovy Systems Products represents the best solution for SMD / BGA Rework for the money. Introducing its newest product, the RE-7500 BGA Rework Station. This new BGA Rework Station incorporates the latest in advanced dark medium infrared technology, using German made components, assembled in China.

Using advanced technology, in conjuction with its partners and distributors world-wide, Jovy Systems Products is leading the market in BGA and SMD Rework Stations.


Fields Of Application
  • Medium & large scale service centers
  • Mobile electronics and communications systems devices
  • Cellular, PDA s, Handhelds, PC motherboards
  • LAN devices, network nodes and military equipment
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Anything and everything SMD
BGA Rework / Reflow

Operation of the Jovy RE-7500 BGA Reflow machine is a breeze compared to conventional hot air systems. There are no nozzles, making setup a snap. By the use of heat reflective tape, the user can focus the heat to desired areas, and prevent damage to sensitive or nearby components. Using the included X-Y table, and the built in laser pointer, the PCB can be positioned accurately to allow reworking.

The built in pre-heater is capable of delivering 600W of power. Combine that with the 300W upper heating element, and even large tasks are easy, accommodating PC boards up to 13.77 in x 17.71 in. in size. The RE-7500 removes heavy grounds and metal shielding with ease. And, when it comes to removing plastic parts, the RE 7500 does so without any damage or distortion to the plastic parts. Try that with a hot air machine! The RE-7500 also incorporates a built in fan for the cooling process, and an on-board air pick for both picking and placing components during reworking.

The Jovy RE-7500 system can connect to your laptop or PC, which allows remote operation of all functions. This interface also incorporates profiles that you can create and edit, and then upload directly to the RE-7500. This allows for consistent results time after time. Profiles are an easy way to adjust all phases of the reflow process, including pre-heating, soaking, reflow and cooling stages.

Break out of your hot air confinement using the Jovy RE-7500 BGA Rework System.


The RE-7500 can be used to remove and reflow all SMD components, including BGA, CBGA, CCBA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, epoxy underfilled uBGA's, and more.

Recommended for reworking all plastic parts including PTH, sockets, and connectors - all without any damage to the plastic parts.

Complete rework process including pre-heating, soaking, reflowing and cooling stages are all achieved with this breakthrough technology, insuring accurate and standardized results.

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SMD & BGA Reflow & Rework System
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